For Creators

Turbocharge your streams with Azarus. Add a new dynamic to grow and retain your viewership. Drive unparalleled levels of engagement and fun with your audience. It’s easy and quick to install, simple to operate, and integrates seamlessly into your streaming dashboard. Check out the video to see Azarus in action.

How to Apply

Azarus is currently in a beta phase. Please fill out Application Form with some basic information and we’ll get back to you with next steps:

Supported Games

Currently, Azarus supports Rainbow Six | Siege™ and World of Tanks™.
More games are coming really soon, sign up today and stay tuned!

Rainbow Six | Siege™

Winning the match is one thing, but what about disabling cameras, picking the right weapon, actually saving the hostages or defusing the bomb? Devil is in the details!

World of Tanks™

Showing off your tank collection? Let's see how long you can last in those short high intensity matches... and how expert your really are at understanding the subtleties of heavy machinery.

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Please note that submission of an Application is not a guarantee of acceptance into the Azarus Creator Program (ACP.) If accepted into the ACP, your participation in the ACP is entirely voluntary and at your own discretion, with no expectation of any form of compensation. Nothing herein shall be construed as creating an employer/employee relationship. You shall be free, at any time, to (a) partner with any other company (including other video game companies) and (b) decide not to be part of the ACP.