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Azarus is an all-new Bounty system that rewards players for watching their favorite streams with AZA Credits that are redeemable for tangible items – such as in-game goods and gaming related items. It’s free, easy, and fun – so what are you waiting for? Jump in and get started.


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What's AZARUS?

Azarus is a groundbreaking new game challenge network that allows Gamers and Streamers to engage with each other in unprecedented ways. The core of the Azarus network is a ‘smart-challenge’ system that creates a new dynamic between and among Streamers and Gamers. As part of the pilot program, Azarus will allow a select number of Rainbow 6 Streamers, via a proprietary Twitch extension, to award tokens to Viewers who correctly answer real time questions about their streams.

Get creative, define your own rules and start challenging your friends on games you love.


Frequently Asked Questions
AZA Credits are earned when winning challenges on Azarus. They can be used within the marketplace and redeemed for digital goods provided by our partners.
Every challenge is operated in a transparent way and notarized on the blockchain. We record the terms of the challenge as well as the data used to execute and resolve it. Data comes straight from the game itself. We use the EOS blockchain to power our platform.

Currently, we support Rainbow Six | Siege™. We plan to add more titles in the future. Do you have a game you want to see supported real bad? Let us know!

Azarus is a Delaware C-Corp headquartered in San Francisco, CA, 1355 Market Street 94103.
The company was founded by Alex CasassoviciAndrew Lacy and Erik Whiteford and supported by amazing advisors such as Scott HowardDmitri WilliamsJames ScarabroughPierre PonteviaNicolas Pouard.
Azarus is also part of the Ubisoft accelerator.

No problem! Join us on Discord or drop us a note at

Supported Games

Currently, Azarus supports Rainbow Six | Siege™ and World of Tanks™.
More games are coming really soon, sign up today and stay tuned!

Rainbow Six | Siege™

Winning the match is one thing, but what about disabling cameras, picking the right weapon, actually saving the hostages or defusing the bomb? Devil is in the details!

World of Tanks™

Showing off your tank collection? Let's see how long you can last in those short high intensity matches... and how expert your really are at understanding the subtleties of heavy machinery.

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