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What is Azarus?

What is the Azarus Store?

What are AzaCoins?

Where can I manage my AzaCoin balance?

Can I transfer my existing AzaCredits balance to the Browser Extension account?

What do I do if there is a problem with a code I redeemed from the Store?

What if I have another issue?

Where can I find news and updates about Azarus?

Azarus Browser Extension

What is the Azarus Browser Extension?

Where can I get the Azarus Browser Extension?

What is the Azarus Trivia Game?

Will there be different games added to the Azarus Browser Extension?

How can I win more AzaCoins?

Which streaming platforms is the Azarus Browser Extension available on?

Can I play with the Azarus Browser Extension on mobile?

Can I change my nickname and avatar?

Where can I give feedback?


How can I start streaming with Azarus?

How much time does it take to launch a game?

How often can I launch games with Azarus?

What kind of brands will I work with?

How much can I earn with Azarus?

How do I launch games with Azarus?

Am I restricted to certain times to launch games?

Do I need to have a lot of followers to use Azarus?

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