Winter Wins with Azarus: Double Rewards and Exclusive Discounts Awaits
December 28, 2023
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Winter Wins with Azarus: Double Rewards and Exclusive Discounts Awaits

Azarus is ending 2023 with a bang and starting the new year with excitement. Our Winter Wins campaign, launching on Christmas Day and running until January 8th, 2024, is all set to enhance your gaming and streaming experiences.

Double Rewards on Azarus Streams

This is your chance to get more from your streaming sessions. Starting Christmas Day, playing Azarus games on your streams means earning double rewards. Simple, straightforward, and twice as rewarding.

Daily Giveaways on Twitter and Discord

Keep an eye on our Twitter and Discord for daily giveaways. Each day brings a new chance to win 50 AZA (worth $25 USD in our store). Stay connected, engage with our community, and you could be one of our daily winners.

50% Off on Redemptions in the Azarus Prize Store

Your rewards can take you further during this campaign. We’re offering a 50% discount on redemptions in the Azarus Prize Store. Make the most of your rewards and enjoy more value for your AZA.

Join the Fun

The Winter Wins campaign is for everyone who loves watching, playing, and engaging on live streams! Mark your calendars for Christmas Day and get ready to amplify your gaming experience until January 8th.

Ready to take your gaming and streaming to the next level? Start playing now and follow us on Twitter and Discord for your daily chance to win. Let's make these two weeks count!

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