Alpha to Beta Improvements
October 28, 2022
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Alpha to Beta Improvements

Today we are going live with the launch of our Browser Extension Beta, bringing interactive, multiplayer minigames to livestreams!

In August we ran the Alpha of our Extension to gather community feedback. We have been working since to bring an improved experience for our streamers and players and today we are ready to launch our Beta with a Halloween-themed trivia game.

Thank you to all of you who streamed with us, played, and took your time to share your feedback. Here are the key changes we made!

Question Speed: We increased the time for displaying questions and possible answers to give you more time to read them and answer.

Game Elimination & Joining the Game: Players are no longer eliminated for answering incorrectly or not answering fast enough. You can also now join the game at any time, even once it’s started. So hop on in and have some fun!

Gaming Mechanics: We have added a brand new gaming mechanic for players to win even more rewards! Not only do you win rewards for every question you get right, you win extra rewards for how fast you can answer! A total of 3 stars can be won per question, we’ll tally up your stars at the end of the game to calculate your prize.

Prize Distribution: For the Alpha, we had a randomized prize-distribution mechanic. You shared feedback that you would like to be rewarded for how you performed in the game; now prizes will be directly correlated to how well you play the game!

Thank you again to our community for all the feedback you shared. You can continue to share your feedback during our Beta in our Discord on our channel #beta-feedback.

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