AzaCoin Live on Uniswap!
January 13, 2023
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AzaCoin Live on Uniswap!

On our recent Twitch livestream we announced that AzaCoin is now live on Uniswap! Be amongst the herd of people purchasing $AZA.

As announced in the livestream, the AzaCoin is now available as an ERC-20 Token in Ethereum Mainnet on Uniswap. You can buy the coin using the swap function of your favorite wallet or through UniSwap or on OKX.

With all these changes coming to Azarus, many new features are available on our platform. We now have NFT Memberships available! Introducing the Genesis Pass, the new Azarus black card!

Features of the Genesis Pass include:

  • Star Bonus: Increase your star based performance when playing an Azarus Game

  • Multiplay: Get full rewards on Azarus sponsored games multiple times

  • Early Access: Get access to newly available games 24 hrs before their release

  • Store Discount: The Azarus Store is always on sale for you

  • Free Unwraps: Send your AZAs to your Ethereum wallet, on us

  • Free plays: run Azarus community games on your channel, on us

Learn more on the mint process and how to qualify to the early mint phases on the dedicated site.

These new features are also available on Azarus:

  • Account verification for increased security. You’ll find the verification option in your Azarus wallet

  • The ability to transfer and withdraw AzaCoins with the bridge. Withdrawal will be available next week - verification is required

  • Premium rewards, such as gift cards, are back in the store - verifcation is required

  • Purchase of $AZA with credit card will be available in your Azarus wallet next week

We also announced a daily giveaway of 69 $AZA to a lucky player! Please follow these steps to enter the giveaway:

  • Get verified on our discord and make sure you connect your wallet to get the “web3” role

  • Add AzaCoins to your web3 wallet

  • Stake at least 1 $AZA on our bridge. Each coin staked counts as an entry to the giveaway

With AzaCoin, we continue our journey of creating a shared ecosystem our users can collaborate in to win rewards that have more value and ownership than anywhere else.

Thank you for being a part of our community, and please join the discussion with us on Discord.

The Azarus Team

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