Azarus Browser Extension Beta Launch
October 28, 2022
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Azarus Browser Extension Beta Launch

Today, we are launching the Beta of our Browser Extension with our first minigame, Azarus Trivia. Azarus Trivia is a fast-paced minigame with three rounds of questions. The quicker you answer, the more points you will win! Check out our video to see exactly how it works.

What is the Azarus Browser Extension?

The Azarus Browser Extension will turn any livestream into an interactive experience via our multiplayer minigames. Once the game is launched by the streamer during their stream, anyone present in the livestream can play along.

What are Azarus minigames?

Our minigames will bring a new experience for streamers and viewers alike. Collaborating with brands looking to sponsor livestreams, we build trivia games unique to brands and their campaigns. Streamers will receive revenue for running sponsored games on their channels, and players will reap the rewards too with the prizes they can win for playing along.

What are the details of the Beta?

We are running our trivia games uniquely on Twitch for now, with more streaming platforms to come, and will be working with pre-selected streamers until the end of the year until we open our Extension to all streamers. For now our Extension is only available on Chrome, but will be supporting more browsers very soon.

What game is available during the Beta?

We are launching today with our own Halloween-themed trivia game, with our first brand-sponsored minigames set to release within the next few weeks!

How can I play?

Download our Extension at . Keep an eye out on our socials (Twitter, Discord) for streamers going live for you to play along.

How can I stream with Azarus?

We are working with select streamers for our Beta but plan to open up Azarus to all streamers in early 2023. You can register your interest to stream with Azarus here and will notify you when we open it up to everyone!

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