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Discover Siege’s latest season with new Creators and Rewards
November 30, 2018

Discover Siege’s latest season with new Creators and Rewards

Calling all Rainbow6 fans!

Check out these Twitch streams this weekend featuring Azarus to earn FREE boosters and renown packs. And in case you missed it, Azarus is back on the Rainbow 6 Siege test servers!

All Azarus enabled streams will be showcasing the upcoming R6S season Wind Bastion so be sure to lock it in and don’t miss out.

You can catch some or all of the following streams to earn AZA credits which can be redeemed for R6S. Find out below which creators are streaming in what language so you can enjoy the content your way.

Remember, you can earn AZA credits by watching any of the streams and answering the challenge questions which are always based off the previous match, oh and to up your chances of getting some extra credits, we’ve added trivia questions for you as well.

Once your credits are earned, redeem them for R6S codes on azarus.io, then head on over to https://rainbow6.com/redeem to redeem for any platform

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