Celebrate your love for gaming with Azarus
February 13, 2024
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Celebrate your love for gaming with Azarus

This Valentine's Day, we're mixing a little love with a lot of nostalgia!

From February 12th to March 8th, celebrate your first love: gaming! Our newest campaign is all about celebrating those good old days of gaming, and everyone's invited, from old-school gamers to new fans curious about the classics.

Remember the thrill of beating that impossible level, or the tune of your favorite game's opening screen? We're bringing all that back with a series of fun trivia, giveaways, and streams focused on retro video games. It's a perfect chance to dive back into the games that got us hooked and share some laughs and memories with fellow enthusiasts.

Here's what's up for grabs:

  • Double rewards for stream wins

  • 50% off select redemptions in the Azarus Prize Store (including classic games)

  • Daily chances to win 50 AZA on our Twitter and Discord.

  • Weekly in Azarus' Discord, we're hosting "Community Connects" where playing retro games could win you even more AZA. *The chance to have fun on streams by testing your retro gaming knowledge (and earning AZA in the process!)

So, if gaming was your first love, come and celebrate it with us.

Let's kick back, enjoy some trivia, and maybe snag some sweet prizes. It's all about having a good time and paying homage to the games that started it all.

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