Azarus Supercharged Streams: Win with Triple Rewards!
November 6, 2023
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Azarus Supercharged Streams: Win with Triple Rewards!

Supercharged Streams are here, and they're bringing triple rewards, exclusive discounts, and a new, exciting giveaway system. Join the party as we celebrate becoming part of the Animoca Brands family.

From now until November 15th, Azarus is cranking up the heat on our in-stream games. When you dive into Azarus games on live streams during this period, you could win three times the rewards! Watch those Azarus coins stack up while you’re watching your favorite streamers.

Each day, we’ll announce when you have the chance to win extra Azarus coins on streams. To be in the know when these streams are going down, make sure to follow us on Twitter and join our Discord community.

Discounted Redemptions in Our Store

From November 16th to 20th, it's time to cash in on your hard-earned Azarus coins. Enjoy a 30% discount on the most popular items in our store. Grab those coveted items you've had your eye on and make the most of your rewards.

This is on top of recent updates we’ve made to improve the viewer + streamer experience!

Recent Gameplay Updates

In response to your feedback, we've pumped up the excitement in our reward distribution system:

  • Giveaway-Style Rewards: We're now giving rewards to up to five lucky viewers in a thrilling giveaway fashion. Get ready for bigger, more impactful prizes!

  • Replayability: Players now have the opportunity to win not once, but from any game they play. We hope you're ready to test your pop culture knowledge with our trivia as you keep winning.

  • Automated Game Activation: No more manual triggers by streamers – games will pop up every 15 minutes on streams. We'll keep fine-tuning this based on your feedback and numbers.

For Streamers: Simplified Setup and Discreet Overlay

Following your feedback, we've modified our extension's footprint and simplified it's setup and usage:

  • Log In: Head over to our Streamer Dashboard and reconnect your Twitch account.

  • Add Azarus Extension: Grab the Azarus extension from Twitch Extensions.

  • Activate the Extension: During configuration, set the extension as Overlay1, and you're all set. Our new minimizable games will pop up automatically to provide your viewers with the best Azarus experience yet!

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