Watch, Play, and Win R6 Credits!
September 18, 2018

Watch, Play, and Win R6 Credits!

Partnering up with world-renowned game creators Ubisoft, Azarus is a Twitch extension that runs community games based on what's going on in the live game.

Today, through our partnership with Ubisoft we're launching with three stellar creators, Greifdrums whose exceptional mustache we have all grown to know and love, YouTube content creator CoreRoss and video game scientist Rogue9 .

Azarus brings a whole new concept to the eSports world where it pays to pay attention. The idea allows gamers to earn Azarus "AZA" credits while watching their favorite creator by playing with and against the community - based on what's happening on the stream.

Tune in on an Azarus-enabled stream and catch a challenge question that will randomly pop up on your screen. If you paid attention, you'll know the answer! The questions are staying up for only 30s, so better act fast! Once you have correctly answered the question you will be rewarded with AZAs which can be used in-store straight away.

To celebrate the launch, you're in for a treat! Ubisoft provided us with a LOT of codes for Rainbow 6 Credits, the game's own in-game currency that lets you unlock skins and operators. Boy, are we excited to see what you'll be treating yourself with!!

Given the Twitch extension is compatible with both mobile and PC, this means you can win anywhere, anytime. It really is that simple! Look for the Azarus icon and make sure to never miss a question.

So what are you waiting for? Join us and watch the highly anticipated announcement from Griefdrums providing additional information about Azarus and everything you need to do to set up a life of constant rewards, simply by doing what you love doing most.

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