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With an AzaCoin wallet on every stream, and brands ready to drop coins for your attention, streams are entering a new dimension of fun.


Streams are not TV. With the (upcoming) Azarus SDK, build new interactive experiences on streams powered by the AzaCoin.


AzaCoin holders get status and perks. Voting on-stream, early access, whitelisting, and access to our 35k rewards, everyday brings something new!

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AzaCoin will be available on Uniswap from Jan 11, 2023.

On Exchanges

ERC-20 Token on Ethereum Mainnet

On Azarus

Wrapped ERC-20 Token bridged on Azarus L2

Deposit & withdraw to your Azarus wallet. Buy with fiat (coming soon)

Utility of the AzaCoin

The Azarus ecosystem rewards all stakeholders involved in enabling it, from game developers and networks to streamers and viewers. What makes the AzaCoin so unique is the shared desire to bring interactivity to Streams, creating a mutually beneficial opportunity as stakeholder incentives align, amplifying the token’s value for all participants.
For Streamers & Networks
The AzaCoin economy provides streamers and networks the unique opportunity to engage their audience through an interactive layer. The presence of Azarus Games in combination with the AzaCoin boosts viewership, improves engagement, rewards viewers, and provides streamers a means of generating revenue. Running games costs AzaCoins, which can be paid by Brands, Developers or directly by the Streamer himself.

Streamers & Networks earn AzaCoins as a share of the transaction volume of a game session.
For Viewers
Viewers earn and spend AzaCoins through their Azarus Wallet and account, both on-stream and on Azarus-enabled sites.

Viewers can use their AzaCoins on-stream to interact with streamers, brands, developers, and communities through bids, bets, minting NFTs, tipping, stream DAOs, etc. They can use AzaCoins off-stream through redeeming them for prizes in the Azarus Store, which offers over 35,000 digital items, bidding on NFTs in the Azarus Marketplace, or by unwrapping the AzaCoin and putting the token in their wallet where it can be exchanged for cash or other cryptocurrencies.

Viewers earn AzaCoins by playing Overlay Games offering rewards.
For Developers
Developers can build Overlay Games on the Azarus platform using the Azarus SDK, monetized directly using the AzaCoin or indirectly though brand sponsorship. Listing the game requires staking AzaCoin.

Developers earn AzaCoins every time their game is executed, as well as a share of the transaction volume of a game session.
Holders of the AzaCoin have the opportunity to stake their AzaCoins for a period of three months upon earning them in return for receiving a percentage yield back, or “bonus” coins. Staking helps stabilize the economy.
For Brands
Brands can connect to Viewers by sponsoring games on Azarus-enabled streams. Sponsoring games provides brands the opportunity to create a meaningful and playful connection with Viewers and reward them for their attention. Sponsorship is paid with AzaCoins distributed to all stakeholders enabling this experience.

Brands earn AzaCoins by listing items in the Azarus store, where users can redeem AzaCoins for prizes.
The AzaCoin is the currency for decision-making within the Azarus ecosystem. Viewers use the AzaCoins they have won by playing Azarus Games to vote on the usage of AzaCoins in the community wallet. The community wallet provides streamers the opportunity to fund non-sponsored games.

These governance mechanisms allow fans to use the AzaCoin that rewards their fandom to impact the life cycle of Azarus Games on their preferred stream.


Total supply of 1B $AZA - 4 years vesting.

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