AzaCoin will be available on Uniswap on Jan. 11, 2023!
December 16, 2022
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AzaCoin will be available on Uniswap on Jan. 11, 2023!

On our recent Twitch livestream we revealed details about the AzaCoin, which will be listed on UniSwap on Jan. 11, 2023. It’s the next big step in the Azarus journey and we are excited to share more details about this major announcement.

Since 2018, Azarus has distributed over $2M in prizes to its ever-growing community of streamers and players. We’ve racked up over 4.5M total watch hours since then, with over 6M total interactions from our users.

Recently we unveiled the latest version of the Azarus Browser Extension, which is available on Google Chrome, Edge, Safari, and FireFox browsers. Many existing users and new fans have already been playing the game and winning AzaCoins.

As announced in the livestream (you can watch a recap here), the AzaCoin will soon be available as an ERC-20 Token on Ethereum Mainnet on Uniswap. You can view the listing on the UniSwap Interface.

Utilizing the power of the Blockchain, we are giving our users total freedom and ownership of their rewards. Every user will have a Wallet to keep their AzaCoins. From here, they can choose how to use or where to spend their tokens.

More features are coming to the Azarus Wallet before the listing of the AzaCoin in January. These include:

  • Account verification for increased security

  • The ability to transfer and withdraw AzaCoins

  • Premium rewards, such as gift cards

  • Additional perks soon to be revealed

After the launch of the AzaCoin, we have other features that will become available to the Azarus platform:

  • Stream voting for games

  • Community games

  • Profile picture and name customization

  • Azarus SDK release (you can apply for a grant today! Click here to sign-up).

With AzaCoin, we continue our journey of creating a shared ecosystem our users can collaborate in to win rewards that have more value and ownership than anywhere else.

Thank you for being a part of our community, and please join the discussion with us on Discord.

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